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community wants. Then, use Campfire to give them a delightful experience.

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Community building is hard work

Community leaders have a lot of questions about
their members

What do my members want from the community?

How can I increase engagement?

How do members want to get involved?

Who is having trouble onboarding?

Who wants to come to my events?

But this requires deeply understanding what your
members want — and then taking the time to
follow up. Failing, causes member churn and an
unengaged community 😔

Community teams also have a lot of manual tasks

I need to recruit speakers for next month’s event

I need to send educational content to the members that need to understand our product better

I need to put together a product focus group for the
engineering team

I need to remember to onboard my new members

I need to tell the Sales team that Jane is interested in

Campfire makes this a
piece of cake 🍰

Understand what every member from your community wants even if you have 50,000 members!

Distill thousands of messages in seconds, to understand what your community is telling you

Automate onboarding to show members the resources they need immediately. Send follow ups and personalized messages with the click of a button

Understand how every member wants to engage with
the community

All the Integrations

No need to migrate - Campfire integrates deeply with your
existing platforms like Slack, Discord, and Discourse, in

All your members, on all your platforms, in Campfire
giving you a birds-eye view of your entire community.

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