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Integrate with Slack in seconds

Rather than creating a fresh community, Campfire integrates with your existing Slack community in seconds. You get all the information that has built up over time in Slack, organized and catalogued within Campfire!


Understand what your members want

Knowing what your community members want from the community becomes hard when you have hundreds of new members a month. But, helping your community members be successful is what creates a thriving community.

First, Onboard Well

First impressions matter. The moment a new member joins, Campfire shows them around your community with custom, interactive flows.

Then, Understand Members

Campfire can ask people who they are, what they need to be successful, and centralize responses, so you know why each of your members joined.

Finally, Deliver at Scale

Campfire allows you to broadcast messages to relevant community members, so you can invite just the hundred members that care to your new event.


Onboard Like A Pro

Don't leave new members hanging. When they first join, take that opportunity to welcome them, tell them about the community, and show them around.

All flows are completely customizable, and members love learning about a community quickly!


Understand Their Needs

Community members join for different reasons. To best serve them, make sure you understand why they're there -- and the best to do that is to ask them who they are and what they need!

Campfire can do this is the lowest friction way possible -- directly in Slack.


Show Value

Now that community members have told you about themselves, show them value quickly!

If they said they were struggling to onboard, Campfire can immediately send them the right getting started guide. If they said they were interested in an event, Campfire can send them a link to sign up for the next one.


Personalize At Scale

Now that people have told you what they care about, remember!

Campfire stores all member's responses centrally, and associates it with their profiles. That way when you have a new event, you know exactly who you should invite; when you have a new case study, you know who would want to read it; it's time to stop spamming #general and hoping people respond.

Starting Using Campfire In

Integrating Campfire with your existing community will take minutes! Unlock all the insights you need to run a more effective and engaged community now.

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